Launching of Cebu Forward Mobile App in Partnership with BPO

The League of Municipalities of the Philippines Cebu Chapter launched the Cebu Forward Mobile Application with Presidential daughter and Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia, Congressman Duke Frasco, LMP President, and Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco, as well as all Municipal Mayors of the Province of Cebu.

Overcode Technologies in collaboration with Bangon Philippine Outsourcing (BPO) Party List has designed, created, and developed a software app solution called Cebu Forward. Cebu Forward is a mobile application that provides an all-in-one go-to guide to discover each of the 44 Municipalities in Cebu and get online access to government services, local products, tourist spots, emergency numbers, critical updates, and other information about Cebu’s towns.

Cebu Forward is a unique and innovative mobile application initiated by LMP President and Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco and by the League of Municipalities of the Philippines Cebu Chapter. Under her leadership, she vowed to take the LMP to the digital age and provide Cebu’s 44 towns with innovative solutions to purveying government services and providing residents and tourists alike easy access to services using digital technology. Last year, Mayor Christina Frasco also launched the LiveLoveLiloan App, making Liloan the first Municipality in Cebu to have its very own Smart City app.

The Emergency Numbers feature is a location-based component of the app wherein citizens can see and call emergency numbers wherever they are in Cebu without the need of having to search for the same online, which makes it convenient and safe for tourists and locals alike.

Through the Cebu Forward App, tourists and locals can view various tourist spots in Cebu’s 44 towns via virtual reality (VR) tours and 360° photos and videos, in partnership with Suroy Cebu by Metaverse. Another flagship feature of Cebu Forward is its e-commerce Marketplace for souvenirs, delicacies, and other local products and services of Cebu’s towns. It provides a digital storefront for local vendors and MSMEs to sell their specialized goods, and for users of the app to view or buy the same, thus, providing a much needed online avenue for local vendors and makers to sell their goods when they would otherwise be inaccessible to consumers because of their far locations.

In the mobile app, a Multipurpose QR is also incorporated, which can be used for Contact Tracing, QPass, Resident ID for Ayuda, Scholarship, and other financial assistance. The user can also scan the QR Code of businesses, restaurants, resorts, and establishments for health declaration forms and contact tracing with ease. Business QR is available for all businesses and establishments here for free.

Cebu LET’S Go (Cebu Live Electronic Transport System Go) is an added feature for real-time vehicle tracking app partnered with Cebu Province for users to navigate local public transportation with an on-demand, real-time transport information system such as the nearest bus stops and best routes to explore and commute across Cebu.

As Mayor Christina Frasco said, “Cebu Forward is a catalyst to spark innovation in governance through technology that provides convenience and connectivity. Through Cebu Forward, we hope to be able to greatly enhance the experience of living in and visiting Cebu. Through the coming together of Cebu’s leaders, and the courage, cooperation, and resilience of the Cebuanos, we shall recover, we shall rise, and take Cebu Forward!”.

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