#KwentongBPO: Nikki Medalla

Writer: Emmariel Ares
Edited by: Kiddie Rodaje

Horror stories are always a good topic for conversations! I’m a naturally curious person and It hasn’t been long since I started working as a call center agent. I asked my officemate if our company has its own local horror story and she did not disappoint.

One regular day in the office, while most agents were waiting for their shift to start, our manager asked our team to go on AUX meeting and to proceed to the conference room. The manager announced that one of our officemates, sadly died that morning. Everyone was horrified to hear the news. They were horrified because the said person was sitting quietly at the back and was listening to the news of her own death! Some claimed that the girl was seen earlier in the morning wandering around the building like she always did. One popular theory is that even in death, her soul was still bound to the company. And now, that story gets passed on between call center agents especially during the Halloween season. My other friends who also work in the BPO industry shared that ghost sightings are quite the norm in this business, especially since the shift schedule is during nighttime. According to them, patigasan na lang ng loob. Work is work so we have to adapt.

What scares me even more than ghosts, is the future. I think the future is terrifying because there is nothing you can do to stop it. Who knew that Covid 19 would happen?! Just like that, our lives got turned upside down! We had to stay at home. Classes were suspended. Mandatory work from home was imposed. Most of all, the constant fear that your loved ones might get infected was maddening! Because of the situation, like most families, we also struggled financially. I am thankful for my job but working from home was stressful for me. I easily panic when something goes wrong and being isolated just made it worst. I was with my family at home but I still felt alone.

There were really bad days where I doubt if I can go on. But what is the use of discouraging yourself? What is the use of scaring yourself with uncertainties and insecurities?! Life has not been easy lately but my parents didn’t raise a quitter. I am slowly learning to experience life at my own pace. It is what it is. I might struggle along the way, and I will falter but I will never give up. I dream of becoming a journalist soon but for now, I want to focus on this job so I can also save up for my tuition next school year.

The future and ghost stories still scare me but, mas nakakatakot si Judith! Judith every 30th!


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