#KwentongBPO: Nen Ya

Writer: Nen Ya
Editor: Kiddie Rodaje

I was always drawn to the arts. As a kid, I loved to draw and dance! It just looked fun and cool! I also became curious about pageantry and modeling and so I said why not? The year was 2011 when I joined the pageantry world. Afterward, I then also started to blog for fun! I blog mostly about my life, my frustrations, and other “motivational” stuff. Currently, I am most passionate about photography and traveling. My interest in photography came a bit late for me. Somewhere along the way, I lost my ability to draw and photography became my artistic outlet. I always had a horrible memory and for me taking pictures to places I have been to was a way for me to remember.

People around me know me as the woman who takes photos of everything. I was hooked! I took around 1,000 photos in the first month I got a new smartphone with a high-quality camera. I took photos of random stuff I saw on the street and even photos of my food! You have to know that this was considered weird pre-Instagram days!

I would often use my passion for photography as a way to connect to my customers over the phone! The best thing about being a call center agent for a travel account was being able to talk to aspiring photographers and travel bloggers who happen to book a flight with us! They would often give me ideas and advice me in my passion for photography.

Most of us already know what our passion in life is, but we are too afraid to pursue it. We are afraid that we cannot make a living from it. We are afraid of getting ridiculed and criticized for being selfish because we pursued our dreams instead of being “responsible” adults. But I say, if you have something you feel strongly and passionate about, pursue it! You don’t need to make it your full-time living! If your passion is photography, vlogging, or writing a blog, figure out how you can shoot or write every day. Use your smartphone! Shoot and write during your commute, on the bus, during your lunch break, after work, and perhaps on the weekends, or when you travel!

We are our habits. The simplest thing you can do to improve yourself is to do more of what you like doing and do less of what you don’t like doing.

Find a way for your passion. No excuses.


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