#KwentongBPO: Anne Paradiang

Writer: Jordan Mayor Carbo
Editor: Kiddie Rodaje

I initially grew up separated from my immediate family. My grandfather’s eldest sister took a liking to my face when I was just 2 years old and without hesitation, I was brought to her place in the countryside. I was taught by my grandma how to read and write. She was a former English teacher and she was very strict on how I wrote and pronounce the English language. Grandma also taught me independence and responsibility. At an early age, I was already doing tasks like keeping the house clean, washing the dishes, watering the plants, and a lot more!

There were not a lot of kids in where we lived. I spent most of my time alone and I had to be creative in keeping myself from being bored. I enjoyed catching insects and going to the beach near our house. It made me an observant kid.

While in class, my teacher informed me that I was excused for the day. A relative was going to pick me up. I needed to go back to the city with my mom and dad because grandma was hospitalized. She wasn’t feeling well and later on, she passed away because of cancer. My grandma passed away when I was 7 years old.

I was transferred to an elementary school in the city. Going to the City was a whole new experience for me! The buildings and the number of people I saw were way more than I was used to growing up! I never thought that there was more to beaches, mountains, and trees!

I was constantly being picked on by my classmates. I wanted so badly to connect with them. I was so eager to be part of the group that I even offered to carry my classmates’ bags just to spend time with them. They called me a weirdo for playing with myself on the school lawn. I hid into the tall grasses thinking I’m a soldier. How could I not? I was used to playing alone back in the province. I was also a bit of an outcast to my siblings since I was already 7 when I saw them again. Knowing that grandma was no longer by my side always ready to accompany me, I became frustrated as I struggled to make personal connections.

Being bullied growing up, I realized through my observation, that no matter how good you are, to some people as long as it is not within their standards, you will never be enough. I was in high school when I adjusted and conformed myself to fit into their standard. I realized that society rejects anything different from the norm. Knowing this – I used this to my advantage. I started joining school activities, a lot of which were writing contests. I won thanks to the strict tutelage of my grandma.

I was confused about what to take up in college. I wanted to take up a course in literature since I’m so fond of writing but at the same time, I was also drawn to psychology as I am naturally observant and curious. In the end, my aunts convinced me to take Mass Communications. Since I still get to write, why not? I also learned how to become an effective communicator, whether it’s formal, casual, or theatrical. Taking up Masscom strengthened my foundations in speech and writing. But in my second year as a Masscom student, I quit. I felt unsure of what I wanted. I decided to put things temporarily on hold was the best for now.

Currently, I am working as a retail customer support representative. I support clients from Canada and North America regarding their orders and shipment details. My job requires not only product knowledge but a lot of understanding of how to handle callers in a specific situation. There will be calls with clients already cursing and yelling at you, but it is your job to understand and know the frustrations behind it. The tricky part of handling a customer is gaining their trust. It takes genuine concern and creativity. Your tone, delivery, and the words you use are very important on every call.

I have been with the BPO industry for 6 months and it is an exciting job. Want to sharpen your communication skills and also earn money? The BPO industry is the right place for you! Your communication skills will be tested in every call and I know that if grandma was still alive today, she would be proud of my call handling skills.


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