#KwentongBPO: Jenny Lazarte

Writer: Kiddie Rodaje

I am the ultimate freelancer. Even before, I was not the type to just sit in the office. My husband and I would always look out for new business ventures. We were never ashamed of our hustle. We sold turmeric teas, beauty products, discount cards, and insurance policies! Name it and chances are we have already tried it! We were among the first in the Philippines to try out the multi-level marketing business model. I also supported him when he decided to invest in putting up his call center. Of course, not all of our business ventures were successful. The good thing about failing is that you can either surrender or choose to learn, move on and make better business decisions next time.

I have always been independent. I can also easily move on and let go. I am also very frank about my opinion. I am a very fact-oriented person and what matters to me is the present and I do not like to worry about the uncertainty of the future. That is the same principle I apply in running our businesses and how I treat my employees. Maybe that is why sometimes most people who don’t know me or even those who do, I may seem like a cold person. But I am also easily moved by my emotions. Make me happy and I will make you happier! I care and love for the people around me so much. I have always believed in sharing my blessings. I also want people to know that no matter what, even when I was diagnosed with cancer, I am a survivor and a fighter!

It was my birth month, August 2021 when I first felt a lump in my right breast. When I felt the lump I went cold. I knew then that something was wrong but I decided to put it on hold since I was really busy. After a month, I did another self-check and the lump I felt was now more pronounced. Last time I had to put pressure against my breast to feel it, but now, there was no denying it, the lump grew. I did a quick google check and I had all the symptoms of breast cancer. I got scared and I cried. I hated the feeling of uncertainty so I scheduled a check-up with my OB. I was then advised to have 6 shoots of mammogram and sonogram. On my 4th shoot, the doctor already told the radiologist to stop since she had already seen the problem. I was then told to bring my results to my OB as soon as possible. I needed an urgent biopsy. On September 27, a week after I got my biopsy, I got the result. It was confirmed. I have invasive mammary carcinoma grade 3. October 7, I underwent a full mastectomy for my right breast.

November 19, I started with my chemotherapy and my battle has just begun. My story is just one of the many out there. I do not want to just sit around and feel sorry for myself. Do not give me pity. I decided to share my story and my journey in fighting the big C because I do not want people to look at me, and the many men and women who have breast cancer as victims. We are survivors and we are sharing our truth. I want to give courage and hope. If you have a friend or a family member who has breast cancer, try not to look at them with sad eyes. Treat them like you always do and show a little extra love.

I am a survivor and a fighter. Not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing that I can’t achieve.


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