BPO Provides Manpower Against COVID-19

BPO is helping our Local Government Units in their COVID19 Emergency Response and Vaccination efforts through the use of innovative technologies and manpower to make vaccination effective and efficient.

BPO staff eliminates tedious yet important data entry. Our staff can simply verify, accept, and convert the collected data into a new patient account, saving valuable time and avoiding potential errors.

Paper charts use our precious resources and cost money. And more expensive than the price of paper and copying and printing is the time spent on data entry, scanning, and filing. Practices using online registration are saving thousands of pesos and countless hours of clerical work.  These monetary and time resources can be better re-allocated towards safety measures and equipment.

This is part of our advocacy to bring an equitable, inclusive, and holistic approach to sustain the IT-BPM and Online Freelancing industry in the Philippines.


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